Teresa Audet is an artist and furniture maker based in Northeast Minneapolis. Audet holds a BFA in Furniture Design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and has studied at the Mount Fuji School of Fine Woodworking in Yamanashi, Japan. She has been awarded several grants including a 2019 Artist Initiative Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. A full-time Artist, she participates in artist residencies and exhibits artwork nationwide. Audet serves as the Arts and Program Manager for the Minneapolis Art Lending Library and teaches furniture and art making in several spaces in the twin cities, including the Women’s Woodshop.

Artist Statement

My practice is based in craft, respecting material through proficiency and honesty in process. This may be executed through a hand-cut dovetail, the intricate weave of thin copper wire, or harvesting mulberries by hand for dying paper pulp. Through this reverence of craft I am exploring my personal identity as a craftsperson and artist.

Tools and techniques I employ favor thoughtfulness over haste, focusing on the materials and striving for a meditative way of working. This practice of mindfulness comes from studying the art forms of the Tea Ceremony, flower arranging, and traditional woodworking in both the United States and at the Mount Fuji School of Fine Woodworking in Japan. I believe in the Zen of making, and my work explores the role of art-making as a meditative tool for emotional processing.

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